Friday, November 18, 2011

Other LGBT Orginizations on Campus

Queer Student Alliance (QSA)
Queer Students Alliance, an agency of Student Government, exists to foster leadership within lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) communities at the University. The alliance also acts an umbrela group for all LGBTQ organizations at UT. QSA sponsors community-wide events such as the Welcome Picnic (each September), Queer Leadership Institute (September/October), Pride Week (October) and Awareness Week (April). One of QSA's primary purposes is to advocate for the needs of our communities at UT, both in Student Government and to UT administrators and decision-makers. QSA was known as the GLBT/Ally Affairs Agency until May 2006. QSA maintains and QSA events and announcements are posted on the home page.

Delta Lambda Phi
The foremost principle and ultimate goal of Delta Lambda Phi National Fraternity is to nurture a spirit of Brotherhood among gay, bisexual, questioning, or otherwise progressive men; and thereby enhance their lives through dignified and purposeful, social, service and recreational activities.

Entity is for LGBT students and allies whose purpose is to transform the relationship between students and t business community. The group hopes to establish a business partnership program with corporations to further the educational and career objectives of its members and partners.

A social organization for GLBT graduate students. Their goal as an organization is not just to gather for drinks once a month, but to build up a community of GLBT graduate students.

[H]ang Out
[H]ang Out is a social organization that allows queer and non-queer individuals to get together, be themselves, and make friends in a queer-accepting environment. We accomplish this by gathering weekly in local meeting places and socializing or attending special events together like movies, lazer tag, or dance club nights.

Harvey Milk Society
The Harvey Milk Society is the GLBT and allies organization of the LBJ School of Public Affairs.Ê Our mission is to provide support, education, and advocacy to and for the GLBT community within the LBJ School, at the University of Texas, and within the greater community at large.

MBA OutSource
MBA OutSource is a social and career networking group for UT MBAs who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning or just a friend or supporter of the GLBT community.

OUTlaw is a social and political organization designed to raise awareness of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues. Through a number of activities, including panel discussions and guest lectures, OUTlaw examines the intersection of sexual orientation, gender and the law and provides a forum within the law school to discuss matters of importance to GLBT law students and their friends.

queer Journal
queer is the only undergraduate literary and cultural journal related to queerness. queer is an international publication with, at this point, editors at colleges and universities across the U.S. Its distribution covers about twenty schools and its entire content is posted on the Internet at

Queer People of Color (Q-POC)
Q-POC is an alliance for queer people of color and their allies. The group holds educational and political forums as well as social events.

ReachOut ShoutOut
ReachOut ShoutOut, an organization in the School of Social Work, has a two-fold mission: reach out to any University community member interested in learning more about the GLBT community, and to advocate for greater social justice within the School of Social Work, UT and the community as a whole.

Safe Space
Safe Space is a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and ally organization within the residence halls of the University of Texas at Austin. Safe Space is dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of sexuality and of gender issues by providing a "safe space" to explore and speak openly.

She Says
A social organization for lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and queer women.

A student organization at the University of Texas that has committed itself to promoting awareness of issues that face the queer community. It is hoped that by raising awareness of these issues, the inequities will be acknowledged and corrected.

Students for Equity and Diversity (SED)
SED, an agency of the Multicultural Information Center, promotes the awareness of diversity issues prevalent within our society through interactive workshops, peer-facilitated dialogue, programs and outreach efforts. SED's vision is to encourage, nurture and build our commitment to honoring our diverse communities.

Teaching for Social Justice
Teaching for Social Justice exists to inspire future educators to be role models in the classroom and promote social change. We will encourage teachers to think critically about their actions, behavior, and language in order to help them address equity and social justice. As a result, teachers will be better prepared to meet the needs of future students in real world situations. Past events have included workshops on meeting the needs of LGBT students and dialogues on privilege, power and oppression.

Transgender Texas
Transgender Texas exists to educate and inspire UT-Austin and the surrounding community on issues of gender identity, gender expression, and trans identities. Trans and trans allies are welcome.

A progressive coalition of queer and straight students, faculty and staff of pan-Asian heritage who are committed to ending racism and gender-based prejudice (sexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia) on campus with a focus on our diverse Asian-origin communities here.

Women's Resource Center (WRC)
The WRC is an agency of Student Government. The WRC was founded in 1997 as a centralized, easily accessible place for women at UT to find resources to solve their problems, address their needs, and achieve their goals. The mission of the WRC is to create a safe place that addresses the needs of women of all backgrounds, races, classes, ages, sexual orientations, political ideologies, religious beliefs, and physical abilities.

The list shows a large number of LGBT organizations. They are also very diverse, giving students a plethora of  options to be involved on the campus LGBT community.

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