Monday, November 14, 2011

Insider/Outsider Status of LGBT Issues

Insider: Jules
     I'm Bisexual, and being such I know more about the issues faced by the LGBT comunity as a whole, what issues students may face at college, and some knowledge of the resourses available at the University of Texas. So in a sense being a insider allows me to have a greater knowledge of LGBT issues and resources at UT.

     Being straight gives me outsider status in view of the project subject. Because of this outsider status I am less familiar with issues corresponding to resources, bullying or discrimination, or many other problems faced everyday by LGBT. I have not experienced any discrimination or prejudice for my sexuality as most LGBT students have received. So in those aspects I cant fully relate to the various issues faced by LGBT. Furthermore, because I am a straight male I have never sought out the resources offered by the University, due to the fact that the subject does not apply to me.

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